Customize your comfort with the advanced technology of
The AutoDrive™ Hand Control


Designed with the consumer in mind, every feature of the AutoDrive™ hand control has been purposefully added to ensure personalized comfort and optimal wellness positioning options, available through easy-to-use features, making operating your recliner a breeze.

Do you have a recliner with an AutoDrive™ hand control and are looking to fine-tune or reset your positioning?


Easy-Grip Design

The ergonomic shape offers a tapered design, with a wider top and thinner bottom, allowing for people with low hand strength to feel secure. In addition to the shape, the back of the control has an indention for a finger grip, which helps keep the controller firmly in place in anyone’s grasp. For extra security, the “soft touch” finish allows for an even better grip with dry or damp skin.

Button Programmability

The buttons that make up the Position Control portion of the AutoDrive hand control can be reprogrammed by the user so that perfect position can be found again and again without hassle.

SmartTek® Diagnostic System

The AutoDrive hand control is an important part of the SmartTek system, a patented diagnostic system that communicates the electrical health of the recliner using a series of LED lights. If power to the chair is lost, the user will know immediately by looking at the hand control.

Quick Disconnect

Hand controls find their way to the floor at times. If not secured to the clip on the side of the chair, they can drop and be damaged by hard surfaces. The quick disconnect feature allows for the hand control to be easily replaced, if needed.

In addition to its physical convenience features, the AutoDrive™ hand control offers functional features that can be activated using different button sequences outlined in the owner’s manual.

  • Full Lockout – Disables all the buttons on the hand control.
  • Partial Lockout – Disables the Position and Custom Control buttons, making it easy for the user to experience patented comfort by simply using the “Rise” or “Recline” buttons.
  • Lights Out Feature – Turns off the light that illuminate the buttons.
  • Factory Default Reset – Resets the Position Control buttons back to the original factory settings.
  • Calibration – Fine-tunes your positioning and keeps your recliner movements accurate. Instructions can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

Available in three versions, this unique hand control operates our 2, 4 & 5-zone positioning systems, allowing for basic, custom or position control options.

Control Options

Basic Control

The top two buttons on every AutoDrive™ hand control will take you through the basic lift and recline functions of the chair while still allowing you to experience our patented positioning technology.

Rise – Helps you out of your power lift recliner by raising the chair up and forward, placing you in an ideal standing position without adding unneeded stress and strain to your hips and knees. As the recliner enters the lift position, the back opens slightly so you are not forced out of the chair and can stand when you are ready.

Recline – Glides you into our version of zero gravity, allowing your body to feel supported and your muscles to relax. The footboard and seat are raised and back is lowered until the tip of your nose is even with the tip of your toes. This will evenly distribute your body weight allowing for pressure point relief.

Position Control

The labeled buttons in the center of the controller (REJUV, SLEEP, SIT, TV, ZG) are preset, but can also be reprogrammed to offer a customized reclining experience every time. (See Owner’s Manual for programming instructions.)

ZG (Zero Gravity)
Offers a supportive feeling of weightlessness while relaxing or napping. The four-way motion of the seat provides ergonomic support to your back, hips, knees and legs while the reclined position of the back allows your weight to be distributed evenly, providing optimal support and relaxation for your entire body.


Provides an easy and stress-free way to return your lift chair to the proper seated position no matter how you’re relaxing. The arrow buttons that control the back movement can be used to bring the back forward, making this position great for eating or taking medications


Takes you to the perfect position to relax while watching TV, reading a book or any other activity you love. The seat box and footrest are completely raised providing ergonomic support for your lower body while your back is fully supported in an upright position.


Rejuvenation allows you to elevate your feet and legs without lowering your head below your heart, thanks to the patented tilting motion. This upright elevation allows you to keep your feet comfortably elevated for an extended period of time which can encourage circulation and help reduce swelling and edema. (Position only available on 5-Zone recliners.)


Takes your body to a traditional lay flat position, which can be comfortable for napping during the day or sleeping at night. The back and footrest are both extended evenly, providing a cushioned, flat position, similar to a mattress. (This button is included on 2 and 4-Zone hand controls only.)

Custom Control

The arrow buttons toward the bottom of the lift chair hand control allow the user to adjust each zone independently and separately from each other. This is the best way to truly find your perfect position that is worth programming! Adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar come standard on the 4 and 5-Zone positioning systems, allowing for even more customized spinal alignment comfort settings.

AutoDrive™ Calibrations and Resets

Is your power lift recliner not returning to a proper seated position? Click on your hand control below to watch a short instructional video on how to calibrate or reset your recliner. Or, view step-by-step instructions here. Please contact your retailer where you purchased your lift chair with any further questions.

4-Zone AutoDrive™ Hand Control

5-Zone AutoDrive™ Hand Control

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