HeatWave™ Technology

What is HeatWave™ Technology?

Like a ray of sunshine, this innovative technology produces invisible Far Infrared light waves that deliver healing warmth up to three inches deep into body tissue where it is most effective, helping to reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and speed cellular recovery. The gentle heat produced in Far Infrared heat therapy can also support the treatment of injuries and positively affect blood circulation. It’s like absorbing the very best of the sun without harmful Ultraviolet light waves.

HeatWave™ Technology May Help To

Promote overall mind & body wellness

Provide pain relief

Improve circulation, alleviating edema

Lesson Insomnia

Reduce anxiety

Stimulate cellular recovery

Infrared vs. Regular Heating Pad

Although there are many ways to use heat as a source of pain relief, heating pads have made it easy and convenient to conduct heat therapy in the comfort of your home. Heating pads are of mainly two types – Traditional and Far-Infrared. They differ in terms of the heat source and the way they provide therapeutic heat.

Traditional Heating Pads

Heat Source: Electric resistance coils or heating element

Heat Transfer Mechanism: Direct contact with skin

Penetration Depth: Primarily surface heating

Comfort Level: Often described as feeling uncomfortably hot on the skin

Therapeutic Benefits: May cause temporary relief of minor aches, muscle stiffness and tension

Far-Infrared Heating Pads

Heat Source: Special elements emitting far-infrared (FIR) radiation

Heat Transfer Mechanism: Radiation (no direct contact required)

Penetration Depth: Ability to penetrate deeper into the body, potentially reaching muscles and tissues at a greater depth

Comfort Level: Often described as more comfortable and gentle

Therapeutic Benefits: Potential for improved circulation, relaxation and deep pain relief

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